Few Hours Left To Pre-Order My Ecommerce Conversion Jumpstart Compendium


$1 ✅

$10 ✅

$100 ✅

$1,000 ✅

$10,000 ✅

$100,000 ✅

$1,000,000… Loading

That’s what one of my clients posted on his WhatsApp status yesterday.

You see, not too long ago, he was working as a 9-5 employee in an ads agency.

Everything changed the moment he decided to take internet marketing seriously.

In 2019, he gained access to my book – “The Faceless Selling” – and couldn’t believe the immense value it offered at such a reasonable price.

(At that time, the Faceless Selling ebook was priced nearly seven times higher than what many other Nigerian experts were selling theirs for. 😌🫣)

During the lockdown in 2020, he purchased my other product, “Scripts to Get Copywriting Clients,” and made over $5000 in the first week of applying it (went on to make several thousands of dollars)

In 2022, he acquired my book on how to earn 4-5 figures in dollars monthly freelancing on LinkedIn.

He’s a huge fan of my products and services.

You see, while I can’t solely take credit for his success, he genuinely put in the hard work and applied everything necessary.

That’s the same simple principle my younger sister uses to grow her e-commerce brand. Now she boasts of hundreds of dedicated customers…

She wanted to buy her first car early this year (2023). I had to remind her to wait until she turns 20 🙂

Which brings me to my point:

Success has shortcuts. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel in 2024.

Anyway, I know you’re probably awaiting my feedback from yesterday’s post regarding whether I’ll offer you access to preorder my product or not…


I’ll be opening access to preorder my soon-to-be-released “Ecommerce Conversion Jumpstart Compendium.”

This compendium reveals numerous quick fixes (you can implement within an hour) to kickstart your e-commerce website into profit.

The best part?

You can preorder it between today and January 1st at 11:59 GMT+1 for under $10.

Here’s another exciting part:

When you preorder the book, please send me an email at tegaogomigo@gmail.com with proof of purchase to claim your GIFT.

(If you forget to do that, I’ll send the GIFT to you within 48 hours when I check the dashboard.)

“What’s this gift anyway?” you might ask.

It’s a swipe file of proven and tested e-commerce funnels, including Facebook ads, landing pages, upsell pages, and email sequences that you can model for excellent results.

Additionally, there’s a ChatGPT prompt text course to help you create similar copies to expedite results on your emails, opt-in pages, sales pages, and upsell pages.

If you want to experience what Nanabo Ayebatonye and many others ethically addicted to my products and services have, I recommend you go to the link below to preorder the product:

And yes…

There are no refunds.

If you’re skeptical, you could use your $10 to enjoy a nice coffee.

Ortega Ogomigo